Engraving is the perfect way to add personal sentiment to a piece of jewellery, to capture forever the story of why, where or when a ring or bangle was bought.

We currently offer two types of engraving: hand-engraving and laser engraving. Hand-engraving uses meticulous precision and specific tools in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen to remove metal, whereas laser engraving scores the surface of the metal using machinery.

There are endless possibilities as to what you can engrave: dates, initials, phrases, quotes, lyrics, poetry, symbols and family crests or whatever you can think of.

Usually engraving works best on the inside of rings as there is a flat plain to take the engraving, however we can also engrave bangles and pendants or earrings that have a flat, plain surface. Please get in touch to discuss your options!

One of our favourite things about making jewellery is the story and what each piece means to you, whether it's a once in a lifetime ring or a piece you buy for yourself to celebrate a personal milestone. We now offer free engraving on rings over £1,500 to help you capture those meaningful moments. All other engravings start at £6 per character (including punctuation).