Terms & Conditions

Getting Started with Bespoke

No matter where you are in the world, we believe the bespoke process should have you at its centre.

  • An initial consultation with Lauren is complimentary and can take the form of a phone call, email, video call or other method, depending upon your requirements. We are currently unable to offer studio appointments.
  • This will be followed by an initial design sketch.
  • Clients can request that a painting of their design be supplied after completion, along with a sketch. This is complimentary, although further terms and conditions apply. Speak to us to find out more.
  • Final design decisions are deemed to be made by the client. Any concerns, comments or queries must be made in advance of deposit payment (see below).

© Every design illustrated and constructed for the client is the property of Ellie Air Jewellery. It may not be reproduced in part or in full without the permission of Ellie Air Jewellery.

Choosing Your Gemstone

Based on your ideas, Lauren will hand-select a shortlist of beautiful diamonds and gemstones for your final piece.

  • Choosing the right gemstone(s) or diamond(s) is an essential part of bespoke jewellery design. This will take place during the initial sketching process and will involve back-and-forth conversations with the designer. Please consider this before beginning the bespoke process.
  • No work will commence on a bespoke piece of jewellery until an email of confirmation and a deposit of 50% are received.
  • A £150 design fee may be charged before the 50% deposit, which is non-refundable. It will be used against the final price of your piece of jewellery.
  • The confirmation email, deposit and design fee indicate your intention to enter into an agreement with Ellie Air Jewellery and pay the remaining balance once the piece is complete.
  • You may make up to 2 alterations after the 50% deposit is paid but these will incur additional costs. Please ensure you are entirely happy with the design before paying the 50% deposit.
  • If an order is cancelled the 50% deposit is deemed non-refundable.

The Making Process

Once a design and price have been confirmed, Lauren will begin making your bespoke creation by hand.

  • Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for your design to be produced. If you have specific time restrictions or concerns, please communicate this as early as possible during the design stage. Any changes to our standard time frame will be communicated to the client at the first available opportunity.
  • Resizing can be done after an item is received. If requested within one month of receipt, resizing is free. Thereafter, all resizing will be priced at a fixed fee of £30.
  • Ellie Air Jewellery cannot be held responsible for the quality of a customer’s own gold and/or stone(s) if being recycled in a new design.
  • Any scrap gold received towards a new design is used at Ellie Air Jewellery’s discretion. We reserve the right to smelt or scrap gold received from a customer, where necessary, and use this towards a new piece. Any money secured from this smelting/scrapping will be discounted from the overall price of your final piece.

Your Final Bespoke Jewellery Piece

The most exciting part of the entire bespoke process is seeing a beautiful piece completely finished for the first time.

  • Once an item has been received it is no longer deemed the responsibility of Ellie Air Jewellery.
  • Post-construction alterations to the original design can be taken on request and a cost will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ellie Air Jewellery reserves the right to photograph a client’s finished jewellery piece when it is still in our possession, or request permission to send a piece to be photographed for marketing purposes at a later date.
  • A yearly service is advised for all pieces of jewellery, especially rings that are worn daily. Annual services are charged at £50 inclusive of cleaning, re-plating, polishing and resizing if necessary.
  • The total balance (including shipping) is payable before the item is dispatched or collected in person by the customer.

Ready to Wear

When purchasing our ready-to-wear designs, please note: 

  • Any item purchased from our ‘in stock’ selection must be paid for fully before being dispatched or collected by the customer.
  • All ‘in stock’ items or those made-to-order on ellieair.co.uk can be refunded if returned within 28 days in their original condition. Please refer to our Delivery & Returns page for more information. 
  • All prices of 'in stock' items are inclusive of VAT at the current rate and is correct at the time of your order. UK prices are inclusive of VAT, any country outside of the UK has the VAT automatically removed during checkout. Ellie Air's VAT Registration Number is GB 301 0047 83.