The Ellie Air Ethos

At a time when our planet and our future desperately need positive change Ellie Air is committed to making the responsible ethos of our brand as clear as possible.

This work is never finished and we're constantly striving for new ways to do better. If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch.

B Corp

In January 2021 we took a Fair Luxury Pledge - a community commitment made by individuals and businesses in the jewellery industry to improve their ethics and solidify their responsibilities - to become a B Corporation. In April 2022 Ellie Air was thrilled to be certified as a B Corp. This year-long process rigorously assessed the business to ensure we act responsibly, our customers are treated fairly and our products and supply chains are as transparent and ethical as possible.

Learn more about B Corps here.


All precious metals used in our jewellery are Fairmined or certified recycled. This approach gives you peace of mind that your jewellery is ethically sourced and conflict free.

Fairmined Gold

Ellie Air is a proud Fairmined Gold licensee, our licence number is GB30041. We became Fairmined licensees in the autumn of 2018 and renewed our licence in 2022.

The Fairmined label certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organisations who meet world-leading standards for responsible practices.

This approach guarantees that when we buy Fairmined gold and use it within the studio we can prove a fully transparent, traceable creation from mine to market. 

Certified Recycled Gold

Certified recycled gold has been post-consumer recycled without new mining. This responsible and sustainable approach is independently assessed and guaranteed for your peace of mind.  

GEMSTONES & Diamonds

All gemstones and diamonds used in our jewellery are sourced from trusted, open supply chains.  

The gemstones and diamonds we source for our designs are always from suppliers who have direct contact with their mines and cutters, to ensure that they are from conflict-free zones and that all labourers involved are treated fairly.

We strive to source stones that come primarily from Northern America and Australia and when we do source from Asia and Africa we make sure to confirm they come from a responsible mine and cutter.

All newly mined diamonds in our jewellery are Canadian and Australian diamonds ensuring each stone is traceable from mine to cutter to product.

In addition we use antique and reclaimed diamonds where possible to allow our customers to own a natural diamond without the need for any new mining at all.

Please note we do not work with lab-grown or imitation diamonds.


Charitable giving has always been a key part of our business and we're passionate about finding ways to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. We are a member of 1% For the Planet and a Gem Legacy Partner, to find out more visit our Charitable Giving page. 


Our mission is to run a sustainable business which minimises its impact on the planet by crafting jewellery responsibly and only using materials from known origins. We encourage our customers and surrounding community to make positive changes in their own lives, inspiring them with the story behind our brand and jewellery. Our goal is a fair and equal world for all. We strive for a healthy, enduring planet and acknowledge the part the jewellery industry must play in protecting our environment for future generations.


Every piece of jewellery is made by Lauren in her workshop in Dorset, England. Occasionally Lauren works with goldsmiths in London who fabricate pieces for her. We do not and will never outsource the creation of our jewellery to mass production sites and the only services we may outsource are stone-setting, casting, polishing and/or hallmarking, all of which which are completed by trained professionals in London's Hatton Garden and Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.


All our packaging is completely plastic-free and fully recyclable. We're working hard to make sure that it all comes from recycled goods, too.


We recycle, repurpose and reuse any plastics and non-biodegradable products the business uses and carefully and lawfully dispose of any hazardous materials used during the making of our jewellery. We have worked hard to minimise the use of toxins in our workshop to the point of almost nil. Our workshop runs on renewable energy and, where possible, we always choose to make the business paperless.