Jewellery Care

Treating your jewellery kindly and carefully will help ensure its longevity and that it remains in original condition for as long as possible. Gentle wear and tear is normal and we think the soft marks and patina that appears on gold and precious metals over time is part of what makes your jewellery unique to you. Those marks are the evidence of your life together and can be something to be cherished!

Below are some tips on how to look after your jewellery:

Ellie Air Jewellery is proud to offer an annual service, which includes cleaning, re-plating, polishing and resizing if necessary. This service is £50.00 per piece. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a service for your jewellery.

Make sure that your jewellery is always the last thing that you put on when getting ready: after showering, perfume, moisturiser and make up etc. Please also avoid wearing in the swimming pool, at the gym and during any activity where the jewellery may receive hard wear and tear.

Silver and rhodium-plated silver and gold will all tarnish heavily if frequently exposed to chemicals. Rhodium-plated items will tarnish, alter in colour and eventually lose their finish after being in contact with the natural oils on your skin and through general wear. Please bear the above in mind when making your purchases and make sure that you treat your jewellery accordingly.

Stone-set pieces can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft, old toothbrush. We suggest that you check the settings and stones regularly to make sure they are secure.