Charitable Giving

Over 2% of Ellie Air’s Revenue will be donated to charity every year.


We have made partnerships with Gem Legacy and 1% For The Planet. We will be donating 1% of our annual revenue to 1% For The Planet and 0.5% to Gem Legacy.


1% For the Planet gives to environmental causes while Gem Legacy gives to mining communities in East Africa - this is our industry based charity - where we are able to choose where our money goes, defining the outcome of our donations.


We will be donating 0.5% to varying charities during the year, too. These charities will be chosen every 12 months to ensure we can give to local causes that we are passionate about or who need the donation most during any particular period. These donations will also be made in monthly payments.

In 2021/22 we will be splitting these in-kind donations between CALM, a London-based charity preventing suicide in young men, and local charity Word Forest Organisation, in Lyme Regis working with communities in Kenya to replant trees.


For each of our Hope Necklaces sold we donate 10% to charity. For the diamond necklace we donate 10% to The Trussell Trust and for the birthstone necklaces we donate 10% to charities chosen by the customer.


In 2020 we donated 1.33% of our net revenue to charities, all in-kind donations as we had no partnerships at that time.