Custom Design

Some moments and memories are so special they deserve to be captured forever. At Ellie Air we channel our design expertise and responsible family jeweller ethos into personalised custom creations just for you. We don’t make assumptions. Instead we take the time to get to know you and understand exactly how you want your jewellery to look, feel and what you want it to say. We invite you to get to know us personally and trust us to bring your ideas to life.

Please note we only take a fewer bespoke commissions per month and so may not be able to accommodate your order within your time frame if it is less than two months.


What is Ellie Air Bespoke?

Bespoke is all about you. Ellie Air founder Lauren will personally guide you through the process, whether you are looking for a unique design, a variation on one of our permanent collection pieces or a reworking of a treasured family heirloom.



Step One : Getting Started

We start with communication, through emails, phone calls or virtual meetings. No matter where you are in the world or how hectic your schedule, we believe the bespoke process should have you at its centre. We discuss every aspect of your perfect piece: from the size of a diamond solitaire in a unique engagement ring, to the precious metals in a birthday gift. At every step you'll be given options to suit your needs, we can even help if you're struggling with that elusive initial inspiration!

Step Two : Choosing Your Gemstone

Based on your ideas, Lauren will hand-select a shortlist of beautiful diamonds and gemstones for your final piece. You will then be invited to select the stone that most captures your imagination, making this a creative and personal journey just for you.

Step Three : The Making Process

Once a design and price have been confirmed, Lauren will begin making your bespoke creation by hand. During this process, you will be sent regular updates highlighting various aspects of your unique creation and giving you the opportunity to make small changes to style, shape or finish.


Step Four : Your Bespoke Piece of Jewellery

The most exciting part of the entire bespoke process is seeing a beautiful piece, completely finished, for the first time. Should you choose, we can provide an elegant hand-painting of your Ellie Air jewellery design delivered alongside your bespoke piece. A copy of this painting then enters the Ellie Air archives to represent your personal journey with us.

Let's begin your bespoke journey with us!

PLEASE NOTE : We are officially back to taking on new bespoke orders. Things are still taking a little longer than before lockdown so please email us your ideas using the form below, and we will get in touch with a delivery estimate as soon as possible!