About Ellie Air

Ellie Air is a certified B Corp contemporary fine jewellery brand combining an ethical supply chain and responsible business practices with a commitment to timeless and elegant jewellery design and craftsmanship.

All Ellie Air designs are individually hand-crafted by founder Lauren in the South West of England. One-of-a-kind precious gemstones and unique diamonds are hand-selected from rigorously vetted international supply chains to create Ellie Air's pieces. Throughout our entire process we guarantee our commitment to the highest quality and ethical standards. 

Our collections offer something for everyone, from pieces inspired by the romance and traditions of the past to minimal and bold contemporary jewellery pioneering classic aesthetics.

Our bespoke service offers something truly original to you and your story. We believe a custom jewellery service works best when a creative partnership is forged between jeweller and client, no matter where you are in the world. We take only a few clients a year, working closely and carefully together to create truly special pieces that celebrate and commemorate connections new and old.

Lauren's passion for ethical, responsibly-made jewellery evolved over time. A desire to be more green in her personal life quickly took root in Ellie Air and the scale of change possible and necessary in the jewellery industry fuelled the ambitious ethical approach the business has taken ever since. 

“To me Ellie Air is the place where my passion for unique gemstones and elegant fine jewellery meets my love of precision engineering, mathematical perfection and the power of simple, striking minimalism. I try to design beautiful, timeless jewellery that is made responsibly using sustainable, ethically sourced materials, that will be part of peoples' lives for generations to come. I strive to encourage people to step away from throwaway culture and embrace something precious that will last a lifetime.” Lauren, Founder and Designer, Ellie Air.

Ellie Air is a proud certified B-Corp business and Fairmined licensee.

Lauren is a member of Fair Luxury, a group of volunteers within the jewellery industry advocating for change.